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JBWF PosterThe Jeffreys Bay Open Of Surfing is loaded full of big names including Mark Occhilupo, Sean Holmes, Greg Emslie, Ryan Payne, Paul Canning, I AM WOK, Dale Staples, Frankie Oberholzer, Dave Rastovich and Warren Dean. The Jeffreys Bay Open Of Surfing is part of the JBay Winter Fest. Dates: 6 - 14 July 2013
The top 40 invitee:

Jeffreys Bay - The contest organisers have begun the challenging task of selecting invitees for the Jeffreys Bay Open of Surfing presented by Billabong. With close to 200 surfers putting their hands up for possible inclusion into the event, there have been some easy decisions and some more difficult ones. The main criteria for selection is that the surfer knows how to surf Supertubes and understands the complexities and the nuances of such a wave. A track record at Supers was therefore imperative.

The contest organisers have whittled it down to 40 surfers. The 8 girls and alternates have been selected as well. 

Input and dialogue is encouraged. The rest of the men's invitees will be announced in the next few days, as well as a list of alternates.

The 40 names, in no particular order.

1. Adin Jeenes

2. Craig Els

3. Brandon Jackson

4. Casey Grant

5. Chad Du Toit

6. Chris Leppan

7. Dale Staples

8. Dan Redman

9. Davey Brand

10. Devyn Mattheys

11. Dylan Lightfoot

12. Frankie Oberholzer

13. Greg Emslie

14. Jason Ribbink

15. Josh Redman

16. Simon Nicholson

17. Klee Strachan

18. Kelvin Zehmke

19. Allan Johns

20. Llewellyn Whittaker

21. Matt Bromley

22. Michael February

23. Dave Rastovich

24. Mark Occhilupo

25. Paul Canning

26. Remi Peterson

27. Ricky Basnett

28. Ryan Payne

29. Sean Holmes

30. Shane Thorne

31. Gavin Roberts

32. Shaun Joubert

33. Shaun Payne

34. Simon Fish

35. Slade Prestwich

36. Steven Sawyer

37. Warren Dean

38. Warren Tuck

39. Warwick Wright

40. Wayne Monk


The girls, in no particular order.



Emma Smith

Faye Zoetmulder

Gina Smith

Heidi Palmboom

Nikita Robb

Sarah Baum

Taryn Chudleigh

Tanika Hoffman



Tasha Mentasti

Crystal Hulett

Eva Barnhard

Holly Armstrong

Jessica Wilson

Krystal Tavenor

Lesmeri Postma

Nicole Pallet

Tara Hossack

Teal Hogg
In an announcement by the Chairperson of the JBU Surf Club, Arthur Joubert, the Jeffreys Bay Winter Fest is set to include a mountain biking race, a skating event, an open water swim challenge, a running event and music, and promises to be an exciting week for the town of Jeffreys Bay.

"We're just happy to be able to facilitate such an event for the town of Jeffreys Bay. We're also very proud to witness the local surf community of Jeffreys Bay embrace it in such a positive way in its inaugural year when it is basically a small and untested event, but we are determined to make it a great success. This year will be the first of many Winter Fests, and our festival will grow from strength to strength each year."

The key tournament of the Winter Fest will be the Jeffreys Bay Open Of Surfing presented by Billabong, an invite-only Pro Surf Tour specialty surfing competition that has been sanctioned by Surfing South Africa, the governing body of the sport in South Africa. Proceeds from the entry fees will go to The Supertubes Surfing Foundation.

Surfers who want to compete in this contest are reminded to go the event Facebook page Jeffreys Bay Open Of Surfing  and put their name down as a possible entry. Entries close on 10 June. The JBU Club, together with Surfing South Africa, will then select the 64 men and 8 women for the event, as well as an alternate list. If you get invited, the registration process and entry fee payment will take place on the Surfing South Africa website 

Instructions on how to enter will be on your invite. All successful candidates will be required to affiliate as members of the Surfing South Africa PST. Details of how to join the PST are also available on

One surfer who is no stranger to the perfect walls of Jeffreys Bay is Cape Town based surfer and giant killer Sean Holmes. Affectionately known as 'The Nemesis' as a result of former world champion - beating performances, Sean is excited about this contest. "I think it's pretty awesome that the town of Jeffreys Bay has come together to present this event for 2013," said Holmes. "It's a positive thing that local surfers have the opportunity to come down with their familes and present themselves and their surfing on one of the best waves in the world. I'm really looking forward to this event, I just hope I crack the nod from the contest organisers."

Along with all the activities, there will also be the Wavescape Swell Courses for those of us who want to learn more about surf, where it comes from and perhaps more importantly, when it's coming.The tournament is sanctioned by Surfing South Africa. Surfing South Africa is recognised by the South African Sports Confederation (SASCOC) as the governing body of the sport in South Africa.

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