Jeffrey's Bay Shell Festival-Accommodation Specials!

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Jeffreys Bay Shell Festival ( Skulpiesfees) Accommodation Specials

Jeffreys Bay may be famous for its perfect waves, but the annual Shell Festival introduces visitors to a different side of the magnificent ocean life.

Jeffrey's Bay beaches boast over 600 types of shells. These range in size from about the size of a pin's head to well over that of a man's hand. The colours are also impressive, evoking the imagination of the spectators as well as some well-earned respect. Bright oranges, dull charcoals, and pearly rainbows converge on a palette of marine beauty.The festival showcases these shells mainly in terms of their functional and decorative beauty. Ornaments, cutlery, pictures, crockery, clothing, hair pieces and jewellery are just some of the ways in which they are used. Such pieces make for fantastic gifts, as well as excellent talking pieces within the home; an apt reminder of one's visit to J-Bay.

In addition to shells, the festival also offers cultural music, dancing, food and competitions, making for a fun, informative and exciting day for the entire family, young and old. In fact, some 250 stalls are erected, each offering their unique products or services. In previous years, an average of 12 500 people attended each day of the famous Shell Festival.

The events take place in the town's central business district.

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